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The V6 Engine system is designed to be straightforward, quick playing, and easy to learn with just enough of a twist to keep it interesting.

Here then is the core of the entire system:


Attributes such as Muscle, Nimbleness, and so on are rated 1-5 for adult humans, with 2 being an Average adult.


There are only 20 broad Skills (such as Shoot), and these are rated 1-5. They break down as:

1 Novice, 2 Competent, 3 Professional, 4 Veteran, 5 Master.


Rolls are only made in the V6 Engine when the actions being attempted are challenging and important to the adventure. Simply put, there’s no point rolling otherwise; it wastes time better spent getting on with the game.

When attempting an action you roll a number of six-sided dice equal to the Attribute used for the action, aiming to achieve a result of 6.

You use your character’s Skill level as a finite number of points with which to "bump up" the results of one or more dice to achieve the desired result of 6.

You can split the Skill levels your character has however you want among the dice results. So, if they possess the appropriate Skill at Master level (5) you could add 2 points to one result, and 1 point to each of three others; or 1 point to each of five results; or all 5 points to a single result, or however else you want.

Every result of 6 is a Success, whether naturally rolled on the dice, or “bumped up” by Skill levels. More Successes are better.

Example: Gunmetal Jane tries to leap over a wide pit. The most appropriate Attribute in this case is Nimbleness (her agility) which she has at 4. Her Player rolls 1, 2, 4, and 4. No natural Successes! Fortunately, she has the Skill of Athletics 4 (the most appropriate Skill in this action), and using the 4 points she has to play with, the Player adds 2 to each 4, bringing them both up to 6! Two Successes and Jane sails gracefully over the pit with room to spare!

That’s it, really. One Success is the default (Difficult) and each level of Difficulty above that requires an extra Success.


Major characters, such as those of the Players and the main villains in an adventure, have Fortune on their side.

Fortune is a number of points that a Player or Game Master can spend to improve their character’s chances, using them to Gain Extra Successes, Tweak the Plot, Reduce Injury/Damage, and so on.

The nice thing is, Fortune flows thick-and-fast, and you get awarded it for instances of Cool Dialogue, Cool Descriptions and Stunts, Creative Thinking, and so on. That means that the very acts that make the play itself more exciting and fun are rewarded, and the points can then be immediately spent to better ensure the cool actions described actually happen.