All About the Craps Game

Craps is basically a dice game where players stake money on the results of a single set of dice. Players can either bet money against a bank or against each other. Because it only takes small equipment to play, “street craps”, also known as online craps, can easily be played at home. Craps is played by individuals using normal gambling games rules. As in other gambling games, online craps also involves decision-making, skill, and strategy.

craps game

Craps originated from the ancient Caribbean island of Jamaica. Called simply “rolls” in the local language, the game was eventually named after the local “rolling street” or street dealer, who also sold the goods produced from the crops he rolled. The first games of craps were simple affairs that involved small dice; but with time, the game has become an intricate, multi-step process. In the past, roll dealers often acted as “judge” or “cashier,” announcing the outcome of each roll and distributing the money from the pot. Nowadays, however, players make their own decisions, placing bets using a variety of computerized dice systems, ranging from simple roulette wheel to complex slot machines.

Online version of craps has revolutionized the game, replacing the traditional roll-and-issors method with a system of progressive betting. The progressive betting system awards chips to the winning player, allowing him to either keep the same amount of chips and bet again, or to switch to another number of chips and bet on that number. Online craps games are a lot of fun and offer a great alternative to playing traditional craps game in the casinos. For more information about online craps games, visit our website.