Craps Table Operations – How They Work & What They Mean

The first thing you need to know in Craps 101 is the basic game is centered around only betting on the eventual outcome of a two dice roll of any number. However, there are many ways that the dice can actually fall. Each bet has specific odds, describing why the craps table even has so many different areas for betting. For example, if you bet the “low” stake, your odds are that the other team will get exactly what they came up with, or nothing at all. If you bet the high stake, you’re hoping that the other team gets something and you get nothing.

craps table

There are many variables that can change the odds in the “roll the number” game and allow one player to have a much better chance of winning than another. One of these variables is the pace of play. Another is the type of bets made. Yet another is the number of players participating. All of these factors can cause the random number generator to produce varying outcomes, sometimes making it impossible to tell whether the outcome will be positive or negative.

A skilled player can overcome these odds and still come out ahead in the craps world. It’s not impossible, though it does take some skill. It takes patience to wait for just the right situation to present itself, and it also takes skill to know when to bluff your way to a win, as well as knowing when to fold, as well as knowing when to raise the stakes if you have them available. A basic understanding of all of this is the first step in becoming an expert at this seemingly simple game.