Craps Strategy – How to Play Craps

If you want to play craps at a profit, you will need to learn a good craps strategy before you begin to gamble. The most effective craps strategy is to play a combination of both hands (pass and continuation), and with the exception of full house, no-limit. The pass line in combination with a good hand is a good start to any successful craps strategy as it is a low home advantage of just one percent. It is better with small free bets, with the home advantage dropping depending on how much free bet you wager on.

craps strategy

The best pass lines are where you have a good hand and you know the house has a strong hand. This is the biggest factor in a high profit house, and it is not easy to hit a good one. If you do have a good hand and the house has a good hand, the odds are good that they are also holding a good hand and are either calling or raising. This gives you another reason to hit the line with a hand that is a high house strength. Once you are sure that you are in the pot and can get in there with a good hand, you will want to look for the pot.

You will want to bet more on your bet size when you are in the pot than you normally would when you are out, for two reasons; the first is that you are more likely to have a good card selection with a good card selection strategy. You want to bet more than you normally would when you are out of the pot, because you have a higher chance of winning more money. If you are out of the pot, you are also likely to get called. The second reason you want to bet more in the pot than you normally do when you are in is because you have a better chance of winning the money back. If you were to bet all the money in the pot and the other person wins, you will be left with very little money. The best way to win back the money you lost is to bet more than you would if you were to bet less, and you also have a much greater chance of winning.